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CFP is open today for all morning classes! We will be closed tonight and for 730 and 8:30 AM classes on Saturday. See you at 9:30 AM for a special Independence Day WOD! Or at 10:30 AM for BASIC Training!

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Totals weights and total reps!

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2/5/16 The Grand reveal can be devastating sometimes!! Freaky Friday!! This might be Useful!!

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Awesome people doing awesome things!

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Thursday is a Recovery Day.

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Here's some good news! It's SAUL'S BIRTHDAY tomorrow! That's February 4th! Please wish him a Happy Birthday!

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Loved my 6pm class yesterday! Great work everyone!

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Introducing Athlete of the Month for February: Kimberly Stevenson!! See Kim's CrossFit Journey here. Strength A: Every 90 for 6 rounds High Hang Clean + Hang Clean Strength B: 5x5 Back Squat Want a CrossFit Class for your kids? Help us launch CrossFit Kids at CFPH by filling out this survey. WOD: Partner AMRAP 5 mins max cal Air Dyne… [ 46 more words. ]

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Capacity: For Time 21 Deficit Pushups, 6"/4" 15 Deadlifts, 60% 1RM 12 Strict Chest-to-Bar Chinups 15 Deficit Pushups 12 Deadlifts 9 Strict Chest-to-Bar Chinups 9 Deficit Pushups 9 Deadlifts 9 Strict Chest-to-Bar Chinups #strictPullUps #iSaidStrict #kaylaDoesStrict #crossfitwest #crossfitready

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Every first Saturday of the month we host a FREE class for all beginners. This is your opportunity to see what a CrossFit class is really like. This Saturday, February 6 at 10AM come on it to HomeGrown CrossFit 551 Taylor Way Unit #5 San Carlos Ca 94070. For any current member that refers a friend and they signup for full membership you'll receive 25% off your next months membership. You have nothing to lose but calories! Text (650)218-58362 reserve your spot today.

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Bowling Night Friday February 19th at 8PM at Bel Mateo Bowl This will be a pre "Open" Soirée. No experience needed just come out and have a good time. Please let me know if you're interested so I can reserve the proper amount of lanes and it will be $10 a person. There also be a sign up on the whiteboard at the gym. #bowling #homegrowncrossfit #hgxfit #HGX #hgxfit #sancarlos #belmont #redwoodcity #bestgym

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Did you know we also specialize in working with youth and high school sport athletes? This population of athletes have developing bodies that require meticulous attention and training to ensure that they are progressing in the right direction. Training with our coaches and in our methods provide them with a variety of benefits, including: - Dramatically reducing the prevalence of injuries that often occur as a result of sport specialization, lack of proper movement patterns and/or being pushed into situations that their bodies just aren't ready for. We recognize these problems, and train solutions to combatting them. - Learning the proper way to lift under the supervision of our coaches in a small group environment. Oftentimes, weight rooms have tremendously out of balance instructor:student ratios, and the proper attention is not given to each athlete. For developing athletes who can be prone to peer pressure to lift heavy weights without sufficient technique, this can (and often does) result in life altering injuries. This is especially true in lifts like Cleans, Squats and Deadlifts. Our coaches specialize in coaching these lifts. We have 1 CSCS coach, 3 USAW Weightlifting coaches and 5 CrossFit coaches, so we really, really know how to coach this stuff. - Properly preparing for their season. Unfortunately, youth athletes often go from 0 to Full Speed in their respective sports from season to season. Some kids have been playing other sports, and some haven't been doing anything. Changing gears like that can be hard on a young body if considerations aren't taken and/or they haven't been preparing adequately. Our properly and progressively planned conditioning work allows for these athletes to be properly prepared to get going in practices and games as soon as season starts. - Team building in the pre-season. Before seasons start and courts/fields are available, training as a team in our facility can provide for an environment that allows for practicing together as a team before they might normally be able to. Athletes that often take a few weeks to get to know each other get a head start in here. Plus, they have a lot of fun! We're currently booked on teams through March 11th, but will be available in Spring for more teams. Our Youth Strength and Conditioning Class happens every MWF at 6:30pm and every Saturday at 9am. Email for more information.

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TJ's Peeps! Don't forget, we're up and running with tasty prepared meal delivery from Power Supply. Order online, pick it up at the San Rafael gym. Easy, real food. Get a free meal with your first order. Power Supply will be delivery fresh prepared meals to the gym twice a week. They work with local chefs to create tasty meals, free of gluten & dairy, for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Simple idea: order meals online, pick them up when you come to the gym, get a break from cooking. If you like the idea, please click on the link below!

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CrossFit Sausalito Community and Friends: HUGE NEWS! The brand new, much improved, long-awaited website for C/S is now live! CrossFit Sausalito is so excited to bring you a new home for our online community: With a beautiful new interface and new sections for the daily WOD, news and events, and "Athlete of the Month," this website is awesome! Please check it out today and check it often as it will become a major place for us to connect with you and you to connect with each other!

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Power cleans. #homegrowncrossfit #HGX #hgxfit #gym #instafit #instagood #cardio #getfit #getmoving #sancarlos #sancarlosfit #oly #clean #powercleans #redwoodcity #belmont #bestphoto #bestgym @munkicahi

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Tuesday's board

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Monday's board

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Good Morning! If anyone knows where our red xbox 360 controller is, please let us know :( It went missing last night. If it accidentally went home with you, we would love to have it back. Thanks!

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I made an addition to today's conditioning WOD - AMRAP 12 12 Burpee Box Jumps and Overs and 18 Toes to Bar. If you can handle the Muscle Ups, you may do 12 BBJ&O and 6 Muscle Ups. 5 rounds or a 12 minute cap. I updated the website as well.

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Coach @briannalamb has these TJ's Kids dialed in and getting ready to crush their sport of choice, dance of choice, and playground life. #prepareforeverything #futureoffitness #tjsgym #tjsgyms #tjskids

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Prehab/activation: SMR - calves / hamstrings 2 min banded hip flexor stretch -then- Airdyne Sprints: 6 rounds of: 30 seconds light effort 30 seconds max effort 1-2 minutes rest *one set max reps strict pull-ups after each set -then- AMRAP in 20 minutes: 250m row w/ damper at (10/8)* 200m run 15 shoulder to overhead (95/65) *focus on keeping strokes per minute low, but your 500m split similar or slightly faster than what it would be during a normal WOD.

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Misfit Cycle 4 Day 23 1. Strength EOMOM for 10 minutes (5 rounds) 6 Front Squats Start around 60-65% and work up if can continue to hit clean reps. The goal is to go heavier than week 3. 2. Primer* 3 Rounds 5 Hang squat snatch 95/65lbs 10 Assault Bike calories 15 Pull-ups *Our primers are meant to be done at a high intensity to spike the heart rate, so that after you let it settle back down, your endocrine system is ready for the real work. You will want to be loose and mobilized prior to your primer. 3. Met-Con AMRAP 20 minutes 20 Calorie row 15 Alternating pistols 10 Toes to bar 4. Interval Work 3 Rounds 40 Wallballs 20/14lbs 20 OH walking lunge steps 135/95lbs 10 Muscle-ups Rest 2 minutes Then, depending on your weaknesses, choose ONE of the following: 5a. Bitch Work 2 Rounds Run 1 mile Rest 5-10 minutes 5b. Partner Gymnastics AMRAP 10 minutes – one person working at a time Unbroken sets of 7 HSPU All sets must be 7 reps. You do not have to alternate if one athlete needs an extra break and the other athlete can hit back to back sets.

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Tuesday 2/2/16 #crossfitoakdalewhiteboard

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Mark your calendars! 1 mile & 5k for Oakdale Schools! #sosfunrun #oef #oakdaleeducationalfoundation #oefkids

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We are excited to have both ROCK TAPE and MEAT UP as a few of our sponsors for this years' Friday night lights. Rock Tape has donated some of thier lotions (RockSauce, RockChill & RockRub) Meat Up has donated about $500 in READY TO EAT Paleo meals. If you haven't gotten signed up yet follow this link:

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Big Al brings new meaning to the advice: "Stay off your toes" #ARCfit #americanrivercrossfit #crossfit #sacramento #fitness #strength #conditioning #squats #powerlifting #oly #olympiclifting #strong #SupportYourLocal #community #comradery #health #arden #ardenarcade #barbell #metcon

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Mr. PR was proud of everyone in January!! Hopefully more people get hit by a pr arrow in February! #pr #gainz #lookwhaticando #crossfit #strongcommunity

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Happy birthday to this angel @jordanalleneldridge if you happen to see Coach Jordan, aka Cupid, make sure to wish him a happy birthday! #Cupid #happybirthday #thescienceisintheexplanation #crossfit #menscalendar2015 #imtoosexyformyclothes #igotyou #rawr

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No excuses!

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OverHead #NoOffseason #CrossfitCommunity #crossfit #stcrossfit #stcf #southtahoe #southtahoecrossfit #mybox #constantprogression #constantlyvaried #neverstoplearning #neverquit #nevereverquit

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ACF – February 2, 2016

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TODAY'S WOD METCON “Kalsu” 100 Thrusters (135/95) -At top of each minute starting with 0:00 perform 5 burpees Scaling Options: -Decrease load -Decrease reps to half "Kalsu"--50 Burpees What Hurts you (a Little) is Good for You

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Big shout out to all our freshly transferred from Basic Training/newest members!! We are so pumped to have you! We also have FIVE brand new people who started Basic Training today. Special thanks to JState members Karen, Nate, Max and Julie for trusting us with your friends & family. We love you guys. We're changing the world one life at a time!